Gavin the Butcher Back

Butcher and sausage connoisseur Gavin Roberts is well know throughout Cornwall. After years of working for suppliers to the multiples and larger companies, Gavin became disillusioned with the commercial meat trade and decided to set up on his own, providing an offering that had real honesty and provenance.  Enter the Kernow Sausage Company which Gavin started in 2002 using his Granny’s secret recipe for his Trelawney Pork sausages. Since then, he has expanded the business and now supplies a range high quality meats to businesses country wide through his new business, Two Brothers Foods.

With a passion for his butchery roots, during our Pig in a Day course, Gavin provides students with a sound grounding in pork butchery, sausage making and pork curing techniques. During our new Sausage Making course, students will learn the importance of high quality ingredients whilst producing their own brilliant bangers using Gavins famous sausage stuffer!