The enthusiasm you guys bring to the table is second to none

Here at Philleigh Way we’ve been so busy running cookery courses, creating bespoke outdoor private dining experiences (in woods, meadows and by the river) and catering for weddings and events, that we’ve barely had time to enjoy the sunshine. But now, with a glass of Kung Fu Girl riesling in hand (which, by theway, goes beautifully with any kind of spicy food – from Middle Eastern to Thai) we want to tell you that we have loved meeting all our past and new clients this year.

The enthusiasm you guys bring to the table is second to none. Thank you

As you will have noticed, drinks (wines, beers, spirits and coffees) are starring alongside some of the dishes that you have been creating in the Philleigh kitchen. We want to teach students not only how the right drinks can underpin the body of flavours in a meal, but can also boost them to a whole other level. Our new fortnightly blogs will always contain a suggestion of a new seasonally relevant alcohol or coffee for you to try out. We hope that our new focus on drinks not only helps to teach students more than ever about flavour combinations in world cooking, but also helps to contribute to the air of celebration that we feel permeates time spent at Philleigh Way. Whether you’re here to enjoy a meal in the outdoor dining area, smoke meat over the woodfire or eat a freshly made pizza fired in the outdoor pizza oven on Thursdays, the emphasis is on the fun in learning about food.
Having been here for six months now there is already a lot to be proud about, but one of the things that makes it most exciting is how privileged we are to be cooking in Cornwall. Whether meat, fish, dairy, veg, fruit or seaweed we are delighted to tell you that 90% of our fresh produce comes from local Cornish suppliers. Even for our Middle Eastern cookery days (20 th Aug and 9 th Oct which
Rupert – a long-time lover of Middle Eastern food and its diversity – is hosting) we will be using as many local products as possible.

We are also proud of you continue to tell us how much more confident in your cooking you have become since attending our courses. At Philleigh Way this is exactly what we want. But if you feel you’ve a long way to go you can always try our Cooking for Beginners on 20 th October. And for those of you who want an immersive Autumnal experience what better course than Jams, Pickles Preserves on 28 th September or 30 th October?
If none suit then there are plenty of other courses to choose from.
Please do take a look, and we hope to see you soon.

Til next time, all the best,

Rupert Cooper
Owner, Philleigh Way

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