Fabulous Fish at Philleigh Way

We’re always being told we should eat more fish. Packed full of protein, typically low in fat and full of vitamins and minerals, fish is definitely a wonder food. However, many people lack confidence when it comes to preparing fresh fish at home, and choosing which fish is best to buy and when. Well we’re here to help!

Our Simply Fish and Fish Dishes courses will take you from complete beginner to confident fish cook in two easy stages.

During our Simply Fish course, former fishmonger and fish champion, Annie Sibert will teach you the skills and techniques necessary to correctly identify, source and prepare a wide variety of Cornish fish. Covering fish selection, sustainability, seasonality, filleting (round and flat fish) and some very simple cooking techniques including frying and grilling, this beginner’s course will arm you with the confidence and skills to begin introducing more fresh fish to your table. Annie’s knowledge of Cornish fish is second to none and she is passionate about encouraging more people to support their local fishmonger and become regular fish eaters.

Meanwhile on our Fish Dishes course, head Philleigh Way chef George (whose favourite ingredient to cook with is fish), will show you how to prepare, create and present a range of delicious fish dishes that are easy to recreate at home. The course covers a variety of cooking techniques and focuses on showing you just how easy it is to prepare delicious fish dishes that will be a big hit with all the family.

So, don’t be a pollock, come join us and start making fish a regular feature in your home!

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