Top tips for cooking for older people

There is no doubt that a balanced diet of healthy, nutritious food is important for maintaining good health. This is especially the case when it comes to older people but many struggle when it comes to cooking for themselves.

A recent article by Handicare UK highlights many useful ways anyone looking after and cooking for an elderly friend or relative can ensure they are receiving a healthy, balanced diet.

“All people need to eat a balanced diet that is full of different nutrients and this is especially important as people get older. But if an older person is frail or is not coping with the demands of daily life it is important that a relative or friend supports them in their cooking.

Many older people with mobility problems who need new stairlifts struggle to cope with cooking warm meals every day and need a helping hand. Therefore family members or friends may need to take responsibility for preparing some or all of their meals.

Some people have concerns about this due to their elderly relative or friend’s health issues or their own lack of experience in preparing nutritious meals. This guide provides tips on best practice for preparation and ingredients.”

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Photo courtesy of Age UK Mobility

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