Jacob’s Ladder Ribs Recipe

In our latest recipe video, I’m preparing and cooking a beautiful “Jacob’s Ladder” short rib of beef from Meat & Co. Jacob’s Ladder is the crème de la crème of beef ribs, cut from the front ribs of the chuck and plate of the beast to give a neat cross section of shortened ribs with plenty of meat attached. Click play and I’ll show you how to slowly braise it with spices (in this case a Middle Eastern mix, but you could also do a classic barbecue blend or a Chinese style spice mix) and red wine beef stock in the oven, before smoking it on the barbecue, creating ribs that are the best of both worlds. I find that if you smoke a joint like this on the barbecue the whole time it can get a bit tough, whereas by braising the ribs low and slow in the oven for 3-4 hours first before finishing it on the barbecue with some oak smoke, it retains a lot of moisture and the end result is much better.


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