Who do we love? Gavin Roberts of the Kernow Sausage Company

During our popular Pig in a Day course, Gavin Roberts, founder of the Kernow Sausage Company will share with you his wealth of knowledge and experience, teaching you how to break down half a pig, prepare your own scrumptious sausages (yes, you will get to use our very own ‘antique’ sausage stuffer), and give you instruction on pork curing, the use of high quality ingredients and much more.  During the day you’ll also get to enjoy a pork-inspired brunch and lunch prepared by our head chef George.

This course provides a fascinating insight into the world of butchery and will arm you with the confidence to prepare your own delicious bangers and more at home!  The final Pig in a Day course of this year takes place on Saturday 7th October. Click here for the full course details.

We asked Gavin about starting up the Kernow Sausage Company, why he loves living and working in Cornwall, and what he loves about the Pig in a Day course.

In your own words, tell us who you are and what you do.

My name is Gavin Roberts and I am owner and founder of the Kernow Sausage Company and Two Brothers Foods.

Who or what inspired you into butchery?

As a little boy, I was taught to make sausages by my Gran and it’s always been something I’ve loved. I spent my youth shooting and fishing so fresh meat and fish was never far away.

Why did you start up The Kernow Sausage Company?

After years of working for suppliers to the multiples and larger companies, I became disillusioned with the commercial meat trade and decided to set up on my own, providing an offering that had real honesty and provenance.  Granny’s sausages were the perfect place to start!

What is your favourite product that you produce and why?

Oh that’s a tricky one! It has to either be our Trelawney Sausage (as that’s where it all started for me) or a nice 28 day-aged ribeye steak!

What new products/projects are you working on?

Our new retail outlet at St. Columb Road (TR9 6PZ) is a really exciting project. Sharing our wealth of ‘meaty knowledge’ with consumers is really exciting.

Do you feel customers expect much more from their butchers/food producers today in regard to quality and choice? If so, do you feel Cornwall is leading the way in independent producers and products?

Absolutely. Cornwall has more food and drink producers both large and small than any other county in the British Isles. The breadth of talent and professionalism from suppliers and kitchens is second to none.

What do you love about working in Cornwall and Cornwall in general?

The things that drive so many others to visit us year on year and we take for granted. I had a meeting with a top client recently whilst paddling on the beach. Who needs an office in the city?!

Aside from your own, what is your favourite Cornish product?

Too many to choose from. I love Roddas Clotted Cream (who doesn’t), Curio gin, and a good pint of Doom Bar, Tribute or Betty Stoggs.

If you were on death row, what would you request for your last meal!?

Ooh tough one. It would have to be toad in the hole or steak and chips (so long as they were made using our bangers or steaks!).

Favourite place to visit in Cornwall?

Carne Beach on the Roseland Peninsula is a particular favourite. It’s where I met my lovely lady and where I proposed.

Why do you enjoy working with Philleigh Way?

No one else will have me! I love the fun we have during our courses and also our shared passion for quality ingredients and sharing knowledge.

What’s the best bit about the Pig in a Day course?

The whole day is great fun. I love sharing my knowledge with people and giving them the confidence to go away and ‘have a go’. (Lunch is pretty good too eh George?!).


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