One-Week Meal Plan

If you have limited access to the shops at the moment then good meal planning and having a menu that makes the most of all of your ingredients is going to help enormously. As a chef, planning menus to create a variety of dishes using minimal ingredients is an ingrained skill, and it’s one that I can share easily. What follows is a suggested meal plan for a week of dinners. For our vegetarian, vegan, dairy and gluten-free followers or those with other dietary needs, I apologise that I haven’t had time to prepare a meal plan with options for specific diets. If that is you, then I hope that you can still perhaps adapt some of these meals to your requirements or take inspiration from the core concept of carrying over key ingredients or leftovers into subsequent meals.

Please click each link to be taken through to the web page to find ingredients and instructions.

Sunday – Roast chicken with thyme and onion gravy (Nigel Slater’s recipe), served with roast potatoes and vegetables.

Monday – Creamy chicken and thyme risotto, using leftover chicken and stock made from carcass.

Tuesday – Cauliflower cheese (Philleigh Way’s comfort food recipe)

Wednesday – Jamie Oliver’s chorizo hash, using leftover roast potatoes and with a handful of spinach added.

Thursday – Spinach and mushroom gnocchi frittata (BBC Good Food).

Friday – Hot smoked mackerel and potato salad (Waitrose Magazine)

Saturday – Mushroom Stroganoff with rice (Sainsbury’s Magazine)

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