Rupert’s Cornish Beach Feast Tips

Summer’s not over yet.  If you’re keen to make the most of every opportunity and enjoy a beach feast at least one more time before the end of the summer holidays (not to mention the fact that most establishments in Cornwall have been fully booked all summer), then don’t settle for sandy or soggy sandwiches or a disposable bbq. Here are my top three tips to make it a simple, fun and memorable experience.

  • A fish clamp or grill basket is the only piece of kit that you need to cook over fire at the beach. Use it for grilling veg, sausages or meat as well as fish over a fire or bbq, and simply flip it over – no more chasing sausages around a grill with tongs, or dropping them on the coals.
  • Buy cooked crab from a fishmonger and on your way to the beach stop off for some chips from the takeaway for an amazing, messy, seafood feast on the sand. Don’t forget some crab cracking tools, though!
  • If you want to barbecue at the beach, then get yourself a bucket bbq, wood and charcoal, rather than a disposable bbq. Light a fire in it, add charcoal, then cook over it, thus avoiding the flavour taint of firelighters. It’s also tidier and better value for money because you can reuse it.
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