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We always love to hear feedback from students (or their family if it was a gift that was purchased), it was super to receive this email last month from Karina who had booked her husband onto our Argentinian Asado course for his birthday.

“Hi Lindsey, I have been meaning to contact you.

My husband Stu had an amazing time on the Asado course. It was a birthday present and I was a bit worried that it would not match up to expectations. I have always bought him adrenaline experiences but, now he has taken up sky diving as a hobby, he is not interested in anything else so I was a bit stuck for ideas this year.  I was so pleased when I stumbled across your course ( I was actually looking for asado restaurants as I  was not aware that this kind of course even existed. Thankfully it ticked every box so I got loads of brownie points.  He had a really fabulous day and Dave was so kind and helpful and inspiring. Stu used to be a chef, has a passion for cooking and has been obsessed by the idea of  cooking asado for the last 3 years. I was therefore a bit worried that the course might not provide what he wanted as he had done so much research. However he was very happy and got loads out of it. His dad has recently built him an amazing grill,  which can easily lift our 11 old daughter up  – not that we plan on cooking her (just yet!).  Once he has got that set up he is looking forward to putting all his new found knowledge into practise. I will be on duty to provide the side dishes so thanks for all the recipes that were sent after the event. We are looking forward to a feast – although not sure how the 2 lots of vegetarian neighbours will cope!

Many thanks again.  Karina B”

(a very satisfied customer)

Our Argentinian Asado course takes students on an odyssey into grilling the Argentinian Way. Lighting fires and grilling beef is a way of life from the Glaciers of Tierra del Fuego to the northern peaks of the Andes.

Student’s will learn many techniques including Parrilla (cooking on a wood grill), horno de barro (wood oven), to his boldest method Asador Criolla, in which flanks of beef or butterflied whole lambs are fastened to an iron cross where they cooks for hours in the glow of live coals. Students will also be shown the correct way to build and light fires, the stages of fire and temperature control.

This day is all about fire and meat and the hunger that inspires us to improvise and innovate. If there is wood or charcoal to burn and local ingredients at hand we can find a way of making something delicious! Suitable for absolute beginners or well seasoned grillers.

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