Spatchcock Sweet Chilli Chicken With Wedges and Slaw

We recently welcomed the team from our Roseland near-neighbours Wild Cornwall to Philleigh Way, to work on some summer recipes utilising their range of seasonal foraged and homegrown condiments, oils, vinegars, relishes and rubs. First up, spatchcock sweet chilli chicken!

chef rupert cooper checking a chicken on the barbecue

This dish of whole barbecued sweet chilli chicken, wedges and coleslaw is perfect for cooking and eating outside now that the sun’s come out, but you can just as easily make it in your kitchen (then carry it outside to eat). It uses Wild Cornwall’s punchy Rambler’s Sweet Chilli Sauce that features Calendula flowers for an earthy flavour to add balance and depth, and foraged water pepper (Arsesmart) for a hot and peppery punch.


Wild Cornwall Rambler’s sweet chilli sauce
Whole medium chicken
White potatoes
Half red onion
Half a white cabbage
Half a red cabbage
Vinegar (red or white wine vinegar)
Plain natural yoghurt
Coriander leaves (optional)
Spring onions (optional)


For The Coleslaw
Finely slice half a red onion
Season with salt and pepper
Add some vinegar to reduce the acidity of the onions
Slice the red and white cabbage
Add Wild Cornwall Rambler’s Sweet Chilli sauce
Add the yogurt and mayo
Give it a mix and that’s your coleslaw done
Here you could add coriander or spring onions as extras.

To spatchcock the chicken with a pair of scissors or secateurs for reduced cooking time, cut alongside the back bone from one end to the other and the same on the other side.
Turn it over
Give it a push down
Season with salt
Brush on wild Cornwall sweet chilli sauce
Put the chicken in a barbecue with a lid, or the oven
Leave to cook for an hour and a half to two hours
Keep basting with the sweet chilli sauce

To check the chicken is done either use a thermometer or check the juices run clear when pierced with a sharp knife in the thigh.

Cut the potatoes in wedges and par boil for 10-15 minutes. Drain and give them a little shake to rough up the outsides. Preheat a roasting tray with a slug of oil, then spreads out the wedges and put in the barbecue or oven to cook and crisp up.

spatchcock sweet chilli chicken with wedges and coleslaw
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